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The Cave of the Lupercalia
Feb 11, 7-9 PM Eastern
Online Sabbatic Class and Ritual
Hosted by the Temple of Witchcraft and the Robin’s Nest
$25. Confirmed registrants will get a PDF and zoom link to join the event. Live Only. Will not be available as a recording.
At the time when many celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine just after the sabbat of Imbolc or Candlemas, we shall seek the vision in the Cave of Lupercal and the mystery of the Wolf Mother. Drawn from the ancient Roman celebration of early spring and deeply linked to the founding of Rome by the sacred twins of Romulus and Remus, raised by the great She-Wolf. In the early spring we leave the caves of our home and establish the borders of our own empires, beating the bounds. Through this vision, we seek to mend fences and establish our own boundaries and borders in the inner invisible nation of the soul. Traditionally celebrated with offering and sacrifice, consecration and the dressing in skin and blessing of whips to ensure fertility in the people and the land. As with the other celebration we will awaken with the light in the darkness of the cave, the place of primordial beginnings and shelter from the harsh forces of chaos. In a visionary journey we process and bless around the seven sacred hills. Sacred to Faunus, the Roman Pan, we awaken the wildness within and find kinship with the wolves and wild things as all return to life once again. The night will consist of a short lecture and break followed by a long vision working and end with a Q&A and sharing time. You can use this material to deepen your own personal Spring celebrations at home this year, and support Avalon and the Temple of Witchcraft community.




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