I was walking along the garden bed yesterday and was not at all happy about all the weeds crowding around the herbs growing there. By this time, I had mowed the lawns, picked up dog droppings and re-potted some new Gardenia plants.
Good Gods… didn’t I just weed this bed a few weeks ago?
So I grab my bucket, put on my gloves and plop my bum on the wall and start digging. Again.
And then it happened; as it usually does. The plants begin to teach.
When I allow myself to slip into the zone of the moment with the growing things, I receive the greatest lessons. As I was weeding around the lavender, I could smell the fragrance of the flowers and the leaves and feel the peace it was emanating. The birds were chattering around me and the puppies were running around chasing each other in the background. And as I happily reached between the flowers to find a weed that was hiding there, I realized something significant.
As spiritual people, we eagerly spend time preparing our personal gardens for something specific we wish to work on. We take the time to prepare the soil to nurture our magick, but how often do we take the time to comb through what we are growing and find those weeds that begin to grow around us? The negative thoughts, friendship and family obligations that leave us drained and the intense bombardment of current events that can leave us, in a word, exhausted. The aspect of “weeding” is something that I feel we often overlook when it could be a regular part of our daily life and spiritual practice. And truth be told, it it something that can be looked forward to instead of an unpleasant job.
As I was writing this, Heather shared with me something wonderful that fits in this moment.
So there it is. A beautifully weeded garden bed! And the realization that it’s alright to have to weed it again when necessary.
This is the work of walking our divine paths.
One Weed at a Time.