Finally, spring is here! For me, this happens when I see the first Robins. A flock of them as I was leaving The Nest just two weeks ago. The changing bird song that heralds in a new season. The air feels charged with awakening and the earth smells of new growth.

Another transition.

These past few months have shown me the ability to be at peace with the subtle changes that create inspired shifts in the world around me. Coming out of the internal work of winter and embracing the (somewhat chaotic) growth of spring has always been a little bit rocky for me. Here in New England, the shift isn’t always smooth between these two seasons. And it reflects in my personal relationships as well as it does in nature.

As in the Autumn, this is a time of balance. And finding balance between home, work, community and relationships can have us feeling out of sorts. I have finally reached a time in my life when the pruning of relationships and the pruning of plants no longer make me feel bad. Both are necessary for positive growth! The hardest part is deciding if you want to let go. For me, this has been critical in keeping peace in my heart, especially in the turmoil of the world we find ourselves in right now. Letting go of those who go out of their way to be hurtful and hateful either through comments (via social media) or in action has become so much easier when I honor my heart. Wishing those people peace and finding the strength to move on and bring joy to those who want and need it. That is the mission of a fulfilled life on a deeper level. And I thank All That Is for showing me this every day in the nature around me. Every step through this month is about pruning, cleaning up, clearing out and preparing the environment for the bounty that is to come. That is the blessing of the moment. Each and every moment. And being grateful for them all.

Through all this preparation, some realizations have come to light. Like the fact that on April 14, The Robin’s Nest officially turns 9 years old. I can hardly believe it! On June 1st, 2009 a shop was opened. Over the next six months, we would discover how to evolve, grow and change into what we were meant to be. A place where people of all traditions could gather, grow and nurture friendships. Where we could explore our deeper selves and find peace in Community. Where the fabric of kindness and creativity would weave in and out in the lives of many through the years. And through it all, the constant learning of loving in all ways. So, in celebration of this event, we are launching a new website that will align with the growth we have experienced these years. I hope you like the new look of it! It is scheduled to go live on April 13, just before our birthday. There are new features to be able to book your class reservations right online. We have streamlined the look and updated the blog section that features our monthly newsletter greetings. We have added a testimonials page where you can share your experience of The Robin’s Nest. As well as convenient links to our Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Google pages. We are still featuring our Upcoming Events page where current monthly events are a quick look and an expanded Calendar of Events page where our full schedule for the year can be explored. We have updated our Friends of the Nest page where you will find links for businesses and people we love to support and who support us. We will continue to work on our Shopping pages and will be rolling out new product there for those who would like to make online purchases. We look forward to sharing the last few months of work with you.

Now, let us jump into April with much excitement as we welcome some special guest readers, new workshops and annual gatherings. What a wonderful time to be a Nester!

Love, Peace and Blessings,