By the time February rolls around, I’m ready to break out of the cold, snow and ice and dream of Spring. As we welcome Imbolc, that is exactly what the seeds that are buried deep in the earth are dreaming as well! As the sun grows stronger, the pull of awakening stirs below the grip of winter.  It is this time of year that I hold deep gratitude for the warmth of The Robin’s Nest. For the glow of friendships old and new that warm the heart. For the sharing of creativity through classes and the the connection of ritual with community that inspires the soul. There is so much comfort to be found in a peaceful moment around the table with a cup of tea and a puppy on the lap.
All of these opportunities keep us warm and cozy in the depth of winter weather. It’s important to take time to unplug and tune in and this time of year is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Try a new craft. Paint, knit, crochet or sew. Design a garden, plan a gathering. Spring is just around the corner… you got this!
In preparation for all wonderful things, we have put together some fantastic events to get us through this second half of the winter season.
Join us as we gather for Imbolc on February 1st with Alix Wright. Even as the cold surrounds us, reminding us that we are in the middle of winter, the Goddess still rests within the Earth recovering from giving birth to the Child of Light. In this stillness of time we seek healing for self and for the Earth. We dive deep into the sacred wells of Brigid to be cleansed of illness; emotional, physical and spiritual. We return with the tools to craft our paths, to inspire others through words and actions, and to fully invite the Goddess into our lives.
And then, it’s time to Dig Deep into the Poison Garden of the Mighty Dead with Christopher Penczak beginning February 27. This 6 week series with be the last intensive course offered by Christopher until 2020! In this series, we will enjoy a  special exploration of Five Baneful Plant Spirits – Mandrake, Datura, Belladonna, Henbane and Foxglove culminating in the ritual of dark green wisdom and the ancestors of Witches. The perfect course as we journey towards springtime.
So come in. See what’s new and find comfort in everything that is the heart of The Robin’s Nest.
Blessed Be,