Intuitive Psychic Readings
available at The Robin’s Nest!

Reading Rates

Readings are held on Saturdays from 11am – 4pm and are $45 for 30 min.

Appointments are highly recommended and Walk Ins are Welcome if openings are available.

Please visit our Calendar of Events page to see who is reading when.

To book your appointment, please call 508-244-4881. Payment is taken at time of booking.

Cancellations with refund are accepted up to 24 hrs of scheduled appointment.

Cancellations will not be refunded within 24 hrs of appointment. 

Psychic Tarot Readings

with Becky Del Rio!

Hello! I am so glad you are here and that I have the opportunity to read for you. I see my role, as your trusted tarot advisor, to ask the tarot cards on the best way to Empower you To live the best life that is available to you. Did you know that you have Unlimited potential! Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to tap into the potential for the highest good of all?

With this in mind, tarot is designed for open ended questions such as how can I? What is the best way to? What do I need to know about? Tarot can answer a yes or no question but that doesn’t empower you or give you an action plan to accomplish the results you seek.

I will work with you to come up with some empowering questions.

Let me know your situation, what is your best outcome, then we can ask our intuition for a road map to get there.

​30 min Readings Available.

Robbi Packard

Intuitive Tarot Readings with The Laughing Witch, Emily Morrissette

Emily is a Priestess, and a Witch of the Old Ways.  She believes in the Universal Laws of Love, Kindness & Compassion, of Respect for the Earth, and the Power of Will.  Calling on ancient traditions, Emily uses her abilities, knowledge and wisdom to help others empower themselves to live their fullest lives, and to discover and fulfill their own healing & magical potential.


Emily always finds a way to bring jubilant laughter to her work; she shapes her seemingly endless supply of mirth and optimism into a skill set that brings light and joy to those that cross her path.  Even when things are at their hardest, or the work is just beginning, she will alight your path with magical guidance and leave you feeling inspired and empowered on your journey.

Psychic Tarot and Oracle Card Readings with Marcia Robinson

My name is Marcia and  I am a Pagan, a natural intuitive,  professional Psychic, Tarot Reader, Oracle Reader, Instructor, and Ordained Minister.

 I’ve always had abilities and was drawn to help others in their quest for guidance.  I began reading Tarot at the age of  16.  Today, I would like to read for you.

My style of reading is very direct. I don’t sugar-coat anything, although, I am gentle when I need to be. I will tell you what I pick from spirit during our reading as well, if there’s something important that needs to come through.

Come see how energy guides you, and it’s advice for your life by Tarot or Oracle Reading.

I‘m currently working on a tarot deck of my own Musing Eyes Tarot, you can follow it’s progress and get some sneak peeks on our Patreon! Follow Musing Eyes Tarot on Facebook and on Instagram.

15 min and ​30 min Readings Available.

Mediumship Readings

with Scot Clement Kowalski

Scot Clement Kowalski is an Intuitive Psychic & Medium hailing from The Blackstone Valley. Scot has studied with world renowned Psychic Medium; James Van Praagh and his readings are unique with respect to his abilities of communicating with loved ones that have passed over, present day situations that may be influencing your life, assisting you with discovering & uncovering situational moments in your life where you might be feeling “stuck” or “removed” from spiritual obstacles in your life. In addition to being grateful for
his blessings as a Medium, Scot also communicates with spirit guides & guardian angels & is also available for Home & Business Cleansing.
Scot is overjoyed to be reading at The Robin’s Nest! He is extremely grateful for his blessings & thanks his Guardian Angels; His Mother, Janet, & His Aunt Ruth who were also gifted with Psychic abilities & are his Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides.

Scot also conducts “Psychometry” readings or readings of photographs. Scot looks forward to meeting new clients & working in a place of wonderful, loving energy & blessings.

​30 min Readings Available.

Angel, Rune, Tarot and Aura Photography Readings with the Loon Witch, Sha Blackburn

Sha Blackburn is the LoonWitch; an internationally known psychic and student of life. She is known to be compassionate, insightful, and “scary accurate”. She specializes in tarot readings, rune readings and aura photography. She got her start as a young girl with augury. She is a reiki master teacher, crystal healer, and holistic therapist certified in reflexology, acupressure, and NLP. She has been a member of the NAPW, ADF, American Tarot Association, and is a member of the Rune Guild. She was named an “Inspirational Woman of the Year” by the Women’s Radio Network in 2014 and was named a “Woman of the Year” in 2012 by the NAPW. She is passionate about life and helping others to learn, understand and cope. She has been featured on FM and AM radio shows since 2003, and has been teaching divination, healing and metaphysics since 1997.More than credentials and initials, Sha uses her motivation, healing and psychic abilities to help people transform their lives.

Now booking appointments at The Robin’s Nest!
Please call (508) 789-5141 or email to make a reservation.
Reservations are available weekday evenings by appointment.
Reading Rates are $45 for 30 min or $80.00 for an hour.

Special Guest Readers That Visit The Robin’s Nest

Please check the calendar of events page to see when they are visiting!

Psychic Tarot Readings with Starra

Internationally known psychic Starra offers you over forty years of experience!

Her working background includes psychic reading for Regina Russell’s tea room, the House of Zodiac, the Mystic Tree of Life, Lady Dianne’s, entertaining for the Odyssey yacht line, and colleges throughout Massachusetts. She has read at many psychic fairs such as Ramona’s and Mystic Horizons, and at hotels and restaurants in Mexico and the Caribbean. Several radio and cable television shows have covered her special abilities.

Her readings provide valuable insight into your life and walk you through some of those important issues that you face. Together you will discover more about yourself and your present course of action. Then you will delve into future events and the possibilities that are ahead of you.

30 min Readings Available.

Psychic Tarot Readings with Adam Sartwell

Adam Sartwell is one of the three founders of the Temple of Witchcraft, along with his partners, Steve Kenson and Christopher Penczak. Gifted with psychic talents from a young age, as a teenager, Adam experienced a recurring dream about his own death, leading him to study religion and spirituality and leading him to the study of Witchcraft. After preparing to not see his sixteenth birthday, Adam told a close friend about his dream, and she helped to avert the accident he foresaw, with Adam being narrowly missed by a car that almost ran him down while crossing the street. After this experience, he delved even deeper into the Craft, becoming a local teacher and coven leader in his native Vermont.

Adam is a Temple founder, holding the energies of one of the three rays of Love, Will, and Wisdom, as well as Virgo lead minister and an advisory member of the board of directors. Virgo ministry oversees the Temple’s healing work, maintaining the monthly healing list, offering regular healing clinics where Temple members can offer different healing modalities to the public, and sponsoring a healing case studies group for Temple members to practice psychic diagnosis and healing. He also manages the Temple Store, offering a variety of products for sale at events, including public Temple events and Pagan Pride gatherings. Adam hand-crafts incense and potions for the store, as well as creating items such as painted prayer cards and candle labels. A professional Tarot reader and Reiki Master, Adam maintains a website at

​Adam is offering Virtual Readings through his website at: 

Readings with Spirit Medium Lynne-Marie

Visit to book your reading with Lynne-Marie!

Lynne-Marie, a gifted spirit-medium and reader of the Tarot, is available for house parties, gallery events, and individual sessions. Known for her accuracies, compassion and level of connection to the other side, she has helped many people over the years. Her specialty is Tarot card readings but her talents do not end there.

Readings with Lynne-Marie are by appointment only and can be booked by calling 508-474-9371 or through her website at 

About: From a young age, Lynne-Marie experienced a sense of the world around her that labeled her as “sensitive”. After the unexpected death of her sister when she was nine years old, those sensitivities included dreaming of, hearing and connecting with loved ones that had passed away. As an adolescent, Lynne-Marie began studying and learning the Tarot and developed a skill and an affection for that particular modality, as well.
For many years, she shared these gifts at private functions, or within the boundaries of trusted family and friends, and continued her career in the legal field. Over time, it became more and more difficult to separate the two worlds, and she joined in reading both at fairs and for individuals, becoming known for her accuracies and compassion in both spirit connection and card reading.

She continues to read groups and individuals, and strives to bring you the highest and best of what both worlds have to offer.

Hoops of Life Divination with Matooka MoonBear

Hoops of Life Divination (HoLD) is a system of divination I developed as the result of more than 25 years of walking my own spiritual path. It is designed to create awareness of the places in your life that await your attention, so you can active healing and nurture your soul’s quest to achieve or restore wholeness.

This unique system for exploring personal rhythms combines the wisdom of nature as revealed through the use of animal allies, runes and stones as guides to understanding the cycles of life.

The HoLD system also incorporates wheels of life such as the Celtic Wheel of the year, and aboriginal wheels of the earth along with the cycle of life-death-rebirth to reveal correspondent pathways within. 

During a HoLD consultation, the symbols work as a guide that help you listen to what your physical, mental and emotional being is asking for in order to mend new or long-standing wounds.

When you come to a consultation with questions like “What is this pain trying to communicate?” or “What is the underlying source of this dis-ease?” you may be astounded and powerfully affirmed by what is revealed.

I welcome the opportunity to embark on a HoLD sojourn with you and discover the cycles and seasons of your life, learn how they are affecting your experience, and uncover the guidance you need to shift patterns calling for healing.

  • A 30-minute session is just $75
  • A 60-minute session is $145

Terry Milton, The Stone Lady

Involved in the psychic and metaphysical field since 1976, Terry Milton is called ‘The Stone Lady’ and ‘the voice of the stones’ because of her passion for stones and the interchangeable nature of stones and people in her psychic readings. Her up-beat, down-to-earth readings are based on parallels, similarities, and synchronicities which exist between human nature and Mother Nature.

The Stone Lady, a natural Clairvoyant, Empath, and Clairaudient, has studied many conventional as well as non-traditional psychic tools, including Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Sense Awareness, Earth Magic, Astrology, and Channeling. She is the original Stone Reader, and is the creator of Stone Readings, an age-old, new age psychic tool.

The Stone Lady’s knowledge of stones and crystals is based largely on her many decades of combining her psychic gifts with her love of nature. She has utilized and combined her wisdom gained through private apprenticeships, nature meditations, journaling, channelling, and attuning to the magic and enchantment of the mineral realms. Her Stone Readings gradually evolved as she began to notice uncanny parallels and similarities between “Mother Nature” and “Human Nature,” and between the ‘world of people’ and the ‘world of stones.’

Because of her connection with her stones and crystals, The Stone Lady  is able to attune to you via the specific stones which are aligned or connected with you. She will offer insights with authentic clarity to help you make wise choices along your path!

​​30 min and 60 min Readings Available.

Tarot Readings with David Erwin

Dearest Friends,
It is with immense sadness and profound grief that we share the news of the passing of our beloved friend, David J. Erwin. His passing was unexpected and we hold the light for him as he crosses the veil.
All Hail the Traveler!
What is Remembered Lives.
Blessed Be.

06/03/1966 – 07/13/2021

Dave fell in love with Tarot at 11 years old. Coming back to it as an adult is a true joy and part if his general sense of ministry and holistic counseling /consultations. His readings are one part intuitive, one part psychological, with a teaspoon of Law of Attraction–and always enlightening, sometimes challenging but always fun.