Have you been experiencing the intense energies of all these retrograde planets? The Full Moon? The lunar eclipse? How about Mercury going retrograde again? It’s been a bit challenging for sure. How are you holding up?
July was very much an emotional roller coaster for many of us. And somehow, we made it through, right? Absolutely. Because through all the craziness, we are stronger than we believe we are. And we are supported in ways that may surprise us when we really embrace them. One of the greatest gifts of support I have found this month is through letter writing. Like actual pen to paper, sit with my thoughts, put it in an envelope and stick a postage stamp on it type of letter writing. No, I haven’t lost my mind… hear me out on this.

We have transitioned into a society of instant gratification in everything we do. The constant shift of energies and emotions through text, email and social media creates exhaustion in our psyche and a disconnect of the heart. How do we find it within ourselves to truly connect with the Divine around us when we can’t even seem to find the time in our days to just b.r.e.a.t.h.e? It is a conscious effort, for sure. I know that when I make time to spend in my gardens weeding (remember last month’s newsletter?) or watching the dogs play or just enjoying a glass o’something sitting on the deck, I always feel better. A little more relaxed. A little more peaceful. A little more connected.

But there’s more. Truly! Remember when we were younger (and before all the current electronic trends) and we would receive a letter in the mail? Or a card? Remember the feeling of LOVE and HAPPINESS that would wrap around your heart? Remember how you would SMILE? Oh, and the anticipation! Do I open it right now? Or do I wait and savor the moment for a quiet time. And then we would make the time to sit down and read each and every word that was written… just for us. Correspondence that is sometimes just talking about our day. Sometimes it is the sharing of ideas, dreams and friendship. It is a direct connection of the heart that feeds the soul.
This past month I have received a number of handwritten letters from my oldest son who is currently in Texas going through some intense training. It has forced both of us to find ways to communicate that doesn’t involve electronic means as he does not have that available to him right now. And it has opened up a gift that I didn’t realize was missing. He ends each letter with the request that I keep writing him because it means so much to him. It’s a way for him to connect with me and receive my love even though we are apart in location. And I find that I read his letters over and over again, without the diminished feelings of emotion. In addition to letters from him, I also received a surprise card in the mail from a friend, just because she thought I could use a smile. In all ways, these forms of communication have brought in more love to my world and I am ever grateful for these blessings in my life.
Now I know it’s ironic you are receiving this communication via email. And for the vast majority of our communication in the world, it is effective. However, with all of this in mind, I offer you this opportunity to reach into your heart and think of someone (or many someones) and write them a letter. Don’t tell them you are sending it. Just send it in the mail and know that in doing so, you have brightened their day. Perhaps in doing this, we develop a deeper sense of self (love) and what we have to offer the world. I believe it can provide us the opportunity to connect on a spiritual level to many people in our community (and society). And through this, the understanding of our hearts, we can find a more solid connection with the Divine Spirit in all things.
In love and friendship,