Are you ready? As I was wrapping up the year with family gatherings, community get togethers, orders, guests, inventory and end of year paperwork I took a moment to stop and look up. Because just over the horizon is a new year. I’m grateful for the time to wrap up 2017 and be ready to face what’s ahead. Fortunately, the intuitive pings I’ve been getting for my personal and professional life over the last 3 months have really given me the opportunity to prepare myself for what’s to come. The potential for challenges are there and I find myself standing firm, ready to face whatever comes my way.
2018 is gearing up to be a year of transitions for many people. All the events in our personal and professional and community lives this past year have moved us forward to make some seriously positive changes in our lives. If you choose to look at it as such. Change is rarely easy, but for our deepest growth, absolutely necessary.
Through it all, The Robin’s Nest will continue to be here for us. To be that foundation for us to gather at. To come together in friendship and community as we work through our growth in the months ahead. I am more grateful than ever for all we have done to ensure that such a place is here and thriving. And I look forward to embracing our 9th Anniversary this year with three big NESTival Events in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Along with many gatherings for Rituals, celebrations and workshops, it is going to be a full year!
So as we welcome this new year, let us embrace this opportunity to declare our personal mantras. For me, I welcome peace, family, community and balance.
Blessings for the New Year!
Blessed Be,