Sometimes we really don’t realize how fast time passes. When the day to day of living becomes a blur of memories. It happened. The present became the past and the future is now.

All the projects that I thought I had plenty of time to do all have to be done… NOW. Oh my goodness the holiday season! And I’m loving it. Sharing my hard work with you to make the season a little brighter for you, your family and friends. Sprucing up our community space around the Tea Table and the classroom and the shop. Welcoming the beautiful energy of peace, light and friendship through the many gatherings we have scheduled this month and setting the ground for 2018. I couldn’t do it without a lot of help. Thank you, to all of you, for all you do to keep us going each and every day. Through visits, purchases, attending workshops, presenting gatherings, offering services and more.

In years past we have enjoyed a gift exchange in honor of the Yule Tide holiday. This year we are expanding our hearts in compassion and friendship to provide for a family in need instead. We are asking all participants of our Yuletide Celebration and the Community at large to help us in this endeavor! All supplies for the family need to be delivered to The Robin’s Nest no later than Friday, December 15.

The Family we are supporting is a family of three.
What they need are:
Mom age 16 – Size – Junior size S/M Clothes, Toiletries, journal, gift cards (Walmart/Target)
Dad age 18- Size men’s Medium, Loves sports (especially soccer)
Child- Girl, age 3 month – size 6 – 9 months clothes, English / Spanish baby books, diapers size 3, infant toys

Gift cards to Walmart/Target are helpful for groceries as well as incidentals that are needed for day to day life. Diapers size 3 and 4 as babies grow quickly! Please make sure all items are unwrapped that are being donated. Thank you!

The world needs more compassion and I look forward to showing this family what a huge heart The Robin’s Nest Community has! Thank you in advance for your kindness.

And with that… let us embrace our Community more than ever. Solidifying our foundations for a bright future. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thank you for letting us share that with you. Because you are part of our present. And part of our future.

And we are counting our blessings, each and every day.

May this season of light and the New Year be beautiful and blessed, in all ways.

In Love, Friendship and Gratitude. Blessed Be,