This time of year always inspires deep reflection for me. While it is a very busy and active time of year, taking a few moments in the twilight of the morning as the sun begins to rise is crucial to my seasonal transformation. It is here, in the quiet morning while watching the trees I remember.

It is in the breeze that rustles the leaves that inspires me to breathe deep. It is in the changing colors that remind me that there is beauty all around us. It is in the falling of the leaves that encourage me to let go of what no longer serves me. It is the work of the trees as they gather the sunlight and energy down their branches into the heart of their trunks that show me it is time to bring the light within as we head into the dark months ahead.

The veil is thinning ever more and I hear my Ancestors calling. Showing me the way to knock on the door to the Otherworld. The time is coming and now we must prepare for the journey ahead.


These are the energies that I flow through. They guide my way through the work we do at The Robin’s Nest. The people that share space with us, who teach and guide and help us grow. This is what is in store this month and beyond at The Robin’s Nest. It is many of these reasons that we have created a special, new reading space for you to enjoy. A calming, peaceful sanctuary where you can enjoy some guidance or even some quiet meditation time during the week. With so many talented Readers (including special guests Raven & Stephanie Grimassi!) on the calendar, you will be sure to receive the guidance you need as we move throughout the season.

In addition, this time of year we schedule an abundance of opportunities to begin and continue the work of the dark months ahead. With many workshops and gatherings, you will want to make sure to mark your calendars to not miss a single opportunity! Our 8th Annual Samhain Ritual will be taking place on Thursday, November 2 and hosted by none other that Temple of Witchcraft High Priestess, Alix Wright. We are very honored to host her this year and look forward to a sacred event. Space is limited, so please be sure to register early.

Twilight is upon us… how will you prepare for what is ahead?

Blessed Be,