Getting out and checking in…

The Dog Days of Summer are finally here. What does that mean? The Dog Days? I’ve often wondered about that and decided it was time to ask Agnes, Emma and Violet all about it.

This is what they shared with me.
The Dog Days of Summer are a time of relaxing in the sun, playing with friends, sharing food with each other and finding peace within yourself and the world around you. It is a time to get outside and check in… with nature and with yourself.
It’s pretty simple.
And exceptionally powerful.

Miss Violet says, “Relax enough that you feel safe to lie belly up in the sunshine and always remember to smile.”
Miss Emma believes you should, “Explore the world around you and enjoy the surprises that emerge!” (I know she’s really talking about chasing the chipmunks and squirrels, but you get the point.)

And Miss Agnes embraces, “A good meal, some yummy snacks and time cuddling with those you love are important.”
My take on it? I believe all the above and more. I believe there’s an opportunity to slow down, get out and check in. With ourselves and the world around us. Everything is in bloom. People seem to be a little happier when the sun is shining and the evening lingers. In the crazy chaos of the world around us, these moments are what sustain us. They nurture the soul and help us dream our dreams. It is a time to help us embrace the good in the world. To cherish it. To help it grow. To provide ourselves with what we need to grow, learn and give in the months to come.

I have been spending more time outside. In the garden at The Nest and at home. I have been making time to get out on the water with my husband and just be… quiet. And then I gather all that goodness up in my heart and in my soul and bring it with me to The Robin’s Nest where I can share it with our amazing community. A bit of nature, a bit of peace, a bit of me. I find that this feeds a little bit of the soul of The Nest. And everyone who does the same, also feeds it. With a smile, with some laughter, with a sigh of peace that comes from the soul.

This is what I believe the Dog Days of Summer inspire. What do they inspire in you?

Blessed Be,