Growth, Gratitude and Feeding the Soul…

It’s funny…
January rolls around and we dream of summer.
March saunters in with the promise of spring, yet winter holds on.
April transitions us from winter to true spring.
May brings us both sun and rain to nurture all we have planted.
Then BOOM… it’s June and the gardens are planted, the flowers are blooming and there are all the blessings we have been working towards right in front of us!

This journey is so amazing. Each and every turn. The nurturing, the pruning, the abundance of it all. And I find myself more and more grateful for the teachings each step along the way bring. The New Moon in Gemini at the end of May had me thinking a great deal about all the people that make my visions a reality and how utterly and completely grateful I am to them… to YOU… for allowing me to live my dream, walk my path and work to make a difference in the lives of those who choose to be part of all that The Robin’s Nest is. So what does a good witch do at such a time? Well… we work a gratitude spell. And that’s what was done. A piece of my heart, my thanks, my friendship and my love… all for you. I can’t wait to share it with you.

As part of this journey, the relationships, old and new, that have made their way through the heart of The Nest continue to inspire. We are so happy to welcome many new faces including Authors Judika Illes, Storm Faerywolf and Devin Hunter beginning this month through the summer for some fantastic workshops and afternoons of readings, book signings and meet & greets! We have also welcomed an amazing artist, Luna Raven, and her wares to The Robin’s Nest! Be sure to check out the introduction below and learn a little more about this talented woman.

And finally, the end of June brings the opportunity for me and my family to enjoy some time off as we close up for our annual vacation week beginning Thursday, June 29 through Wednesday, July 5. We look forward to seeing you upon our return on July 6!

June is jam packed with incredible opportunities to get together, learn something new and just enjoy the bounty of our blessings. We look forward to seeing you around the tea table, at the workshops and at our Annual Summer NESTival Psychic Fair on June 24!
Blessed Be,