Celebrating Beltane and our personal landscapes…

I always look forward to our Beltane Celebrations down at Rainbow Acres in Coventry, RI. It’s a special time for our Community to gather in love and friendship at this beautiful farm. Our friends, Reenie and Denise open their home to us each year so that we can truly connect with the land and embrace the turning of the wheel of the year. In addition, I’d like to thank Priestess Emily Morrissette for all she does in helping to facilitate our Beltane Ritual and Full Moon Rituals. She has brought a beautiful touch of magick to all we do!

This year, as I was pondering our Beltane ritual, I was looking out my kitchen window at one of my gardens. For the past few weeks I have taken every opportunity to get out and get dirty cleaning the beds and prepping the soil. I have a number of plants that come back each year and I have a ritual of welcoming them back when they emerge. One of these plants is the Lily of the Valley. I have a number of them in the Fairy Garden that I leave my monthly Full Moon offerings in. As I was clearing out the beds, I noticed that there were no plants emerging. I kept coming back, every couple of days to look for them. To say that I was sad that they weren’t coming back was an understatement. Even though, I kept getting the message of “be patient”. This was the process with a number of plants in my garden. So I would move on, working in another area of the garden, clear the bed, amend the soil and wait.

And one day… they returned. Little bits emerging from the soil. I was so happy! Then my hostas returned. And the other plants I was waiting for. And one did not. It had run it’s course and would no longer bloom in my garden. Each one of these portions of my garden had a significant amount of my attention (and will continue to do so) for a number of months. Even though it is a consistent amount of work, I find that the connection with the earth, sky and plants helps keep me grounded, focused and nourished.

So back to pondering this years Beltane ritual…

As I was having my coffee and looking over the garden I realized something very important. While I was focusing on the separate aspects of my garden, I wasn’t fully appreciating the entire landscape of my garden. It was only when I took the opportunity to step back and look at the whole picture that I saw the immense beauty of what was growing. And how it was growing! Each in their own time and in their own way. It was all about patience and appreciating my own personal landscape.

As we gathered for Beltane, the message was clear. Be patient. Allow your garden to grow as it is meant to. And if you find there are things you do not like about it, take the time to amend the soil. Weed. Remove the things that have run their course and add some new plants (opportunities). And finally, really take some time to step back and appreciate your own personal landscape.

Emily and Robbi
Blessed Be,