Friendships, transitions and expanding…

Yay Spring! No… ok, winter. Yay Spring! No… more winter. Spring?
Are you feeling the same push and pull as I have these past few weeks? The calendar says Spring, but the weather has other ideas. It’s an interesting reflection if we look a little deeper.
Springtime offers us the energy of emerging after a long slumber and preparing ourselves for a season of intense growth. When we come upon the push and pull of transitional energy (like Winter transitioning into Spring here in New England), it can feel like we’re exhausted before we even really begin! I’ve been spending some time these past few weeks, riding this transitional energy and recognizing that as frustrating as it may seem, it’s a blessing in disguise. How? By bringing us back, just far enough, to truly observe, evaluate and release ideas, patterns, relationships or habits that are clearly holding us back from our highest potential. Those new ideas, dreams, relationships that are emerging in our lives are still in motion. It may feel like they aren’t, but they are! Both of these energies are working simultaneously, which contributes to the push/pull/transitional energy that we are feeling.

So how do we work with this, now that we are aware of it? Well, for me it has provided me with a perfect opportunity to take a good look at the friendships I have. Not only the friendships with my husband and children, but (almost) more importantly my friendships with people closest to me and in our community. What type of friend am I to them? What type of friend are they to me? And with this awareness, becoming incredibly GRATEFUL for the blessings of these friendships. Aaaahhh, gratitude. It fills the heart, warms the soul and inspires purpose.
See what we did there?
In all the chaos of transition, finding opportunities to be… Grateful.
So while I will genuinely wish for more sunshine, warmer days and opportunities to get my hands dirty in the garden… I am making time to embrace this transition and be very, very grateful for the beautiful friendships in my life.
With love… (and friendship!),