Welcome March, Welcome Spring!

The past few years we have welcomed the month of March with a significant amount of snow on the ground. It is during those times that the thought of spring seemed only a fantasy, that the grip of winter was not willing to release it’s hold. Not this year! We have experienced a warmer than usual winter and all the signs of spring are showing themselves early. Tonight, as I was outside walking the dogs, I heard peepers! (Something that I don’t usually hear until April.) This has me contemplating a few things…

First, I know this is New England… and that means that the weather can change in a moment. So while the gardener in me is joyously planning an early planting, I am cautiously optimistic and will prepare carefully for the upcoming season.

Second, this is a clear indication of a massive and intense time of manifestation!  Magickally speaking, as we prepare for the Spring Equinox (coming March 20, 2017) we are preparing for abundant growth of all things. Changes are happening rapidly around us and while we may feel the urge to respond to all of these changes as they happen, it is wise to remember that cycles take time and careful observation and planning is essential to long lasting success of our endeavors as we head into this new season.

Third, self care is vital with all this intense, shifting, manifesting energy about. Please take some time to truly reconnect with Nature as She transitions from Winter to Spring. Leave the phones inside and take a walk in the sunshine. With it’s growing strength, so shall we grow and be strong in these changing times. Listen to what is around you without the background noise of television, radio or telephone. Hear the birdsong as it changes from early to mid to late spring. Embrace the joyful sound of animals waking up and migrating home. Schedule a massage or Reiki session. Movement is essential to this transition. Physical time spent with friends is such a blessing. That is one of the wonderful reasons we have the Tea Table at The Robin’s Nest! Time to gather with friends and community, face to face to catch up, share, live, laugh and grow.

And finally, with all this in mind, we have come up with some wonderful workshops, gatherings and events to help everyone ease into this abundant, new season. Please join us around the Tea Table. Come by for coffee and conversation. Join us for our Spring Nestival Psychic Fair to enjoy a reading to help plan out this upcoming season and bring a friend! There is much joy to be had within the magick of The Robin’s Nest.

With Love and Friendship,
(and Agnes, Emma and Violet)