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What is remembered Lives! A Virtual Bardic Ancestor Ritual with High Priestess Elsa Elliott
Come tell a story about your ancestors! Join us for a virtual bardic ritual to honor our ancestors through story and song!
In the age old tradition of storytelling, we will share stories in sacred space to remember our ancestors and bring them alive for each other. Elsa will create an ancestor altar in her space for the ritual filled with offerings and items to honor and provide energy for the ancestors. Participants are encouraged to bring one story or song to share that honors an ancestor and to create an altar in their own space that includes a candle, a photo or an item to remember their loved one and an offering of food or drink. The offering can be as simple as water and chocolate or it can be a favorite food and/or drink that your ancestor enjoyed in life. You do not need to be limited to family members. The ancestor can be anyone you wish to honor and remember.
Space is limited. Hosted through Zoom Video Conferencing. It is best to login from a computer with access to video, speakers, and a microphone. An email will be sent out prior to the event with login information. $25.00


Bookings are closed for this event.