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The Robin's Nest
799 S. Main St. Suite 9, Bellingham, MA, 01453

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The Temple of Hermes Trismegistus : Class 4 of 5
5 Sessions: Feb 27, March 5, March 12, April 2, April 30, Snow:  May 7, 2020
7pm – 9:30 PM, $150 if registered / paid before Feb 1, 2020. After $175.
The Robin’s Nest
799 S. Main St #9 Bellingham, MA 02019
The Hermetic Principles of The Kybalion! The mystery of The Emerald Tablet! The deep lore of the Corpus Hermeticum! All of these key teachings in Western Occultism that many people feel have no practical value or application…yet they do. Though discussion, contemplation of the philosophies, ritual, and guided vision work, go deeper with the philosophies attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, “thrice-greatest Hermes”, Mercurius ter Maximus, and the “founder” of civilization. We will use quotes form the text as focus for various magickal operations and meditations. Look to the differences and similarities between Thoth (Tehuti), Hermes, Mercury, Herm-Anubis and the philosopher magician  Hermes Trismegistus. Review his role as creator, scribe, teacher, messenger, psychopomp and trickster. Explore the consciousness of the great teacher of the mysteries and understand the alchemy inherent within this work. Handouts of key material included in the class.


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