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Thank you for joining us for the VIRTUAL event: The Rituals of the Pentagram with Author, Witch & High Priest Christopher Penczak!
Modern magick uses a variety of rituals to banish and evoke forces into our environments and lives. One of the primary tools learned by Hermetic magicians are the Rituals of the Pentagram, used to banish and evoke elemental powers and terrestrial forces. While drawn from the traditions of the Golden Dawn, they have made their way into form of Wicca and influenced traditions of ceremony and healing. The first and primary of these rituals is known as The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Learn how to do the LBRP for protection, cleansing, and balance, as well as the structure of  other pentagram rituals. Explore ideas to adapt the function to your own personal magickal system and world view.


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