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Thank you for joining us for our VIRTUAL event:  The Magick of Elder with Author, Witch & High Priest Christopher Penczak!
All registered participants will receive a zoom link email the day of the event.
Elder is the Faery Queen of the hedge, with her lace white flowers of summer and her deep dark berries of the fall. Steeped in myth and magick, we approach the Elder Queen with great love and respect. One of the sacred woods never to be burned, we commune with the Goddess and the realm of enchantment through her magick, and she cares for us in the winter months through her strong medicine. Her spells are of protection, communication with the spirits, and healing. Hear the folklore of the Elder. Learn a bit about the medicine, including how to make Elderberry syrup for the wintertide. Honor her through ritual and tending to her. Through ritual sacrament, journey to meet the plant spirit of Elder, its oversoul, and commune with the power, love, and wisdom of this great green teacher . For those attending online, prepare an elder flower or elder berry tea, or a few drops of tincture or flower essence in water.
Elderberries are available for purchase from The Robin’s Nest or online at https://therobinsnestma.com/product/elderberries-2oz/


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