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The Robin's Nest
799 S. Main St. Suite 9, Bellingham, MA, 01453

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Shamanic Spring Equinox: Coming Back to Center

Spring Equinox is a moment of balance of light and dark before the sun continues on the path of gaining power. As we shake off that last bits of winter and align to our center we find the heart. The heart center is the gate between our below chakras root, sacral plexus and solar plexus to our above, our throat chakra, brow and crown. The heart is the flame burning at the center, it is our light!.

Shamanism has been practiced in many ways for thousands of years. It is primal ritual  that travels us through many interior realms of ourselves as well as outer worlds. In this ritual we use primal tools of rattles, visualization and some core tools as our ancestors did so long ago, to honor what the outer world is doing during equinox and to align to its magick and move those powers within us!  

In this ritual we align to the sacred flame within us and invite it’s power to guide us through the growing year. What does following the path of the heart want to create? 

Things you may wish to bring: rattle if you have one (there will be some available) notebook and pen (to write any insights) 

BIO: Initiated High Priestess in Feminine Mysteries creating ritual, rites of passage & Shamanic initiation.  Originator of Hoops of Life Divination a system for guidance & healing.  Is ordained minister with the Temple of Witchcraft. My great work &  passion lie in the healing of the feminine principle & relationship to the Crone, in the psyche of  all humanity.  

I practice my vocation as a Witch in the world offering workshops, ritual, healing sessions, and consultations HOLD readings.


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