11:00 am - 4:30 pm

The Robin’s Nest is excited to welcome Brother Granite for a day of Readings and Healings!

TOTEM BONE READINGS: Through the Sacred teachings of Native American Spirituality, Totem Bone Readings offer unique messages to you.  Discover what totem energy you should be working with, what direction you should travel in your life, and learn what the universe has in store for you.  Utilizing artifacts Brother Granite earned during his Sacred Pipe Keeper Trials, you will be given a guidance from the Native Totems in a personal way.

NATIVE AMERICAN ORACLE READINGS: Using a Native American themed oracle deck, Brother Granite will offer you guidance through each direction of your life in the Medicine Wheel.  He will offer insight to your current challenges as well as illuminate the blessings that are in your life.  These readings provide you a true sense of self awareness and guidance for the near future.
DRUM HEALING SESSIONS: As a trained drum keeper and pipe carrier, Brother Granite is able to offer profound healing through the heartbeat of the drum and sacred chants and songs.  Each session is infused with Reiki and allows you to feel connected to the natural world while receiving a sense of inner peace and balance.

Bio: Brother Granite was mentored in Native Spirituality Earth Wisdom and Awasos Aqueni Ceremonialism; an Eclectic Native Inter-Tribal Shamanic Spirituality deeply rooted in ancient wisdom. He has received the honor of becoming a Pipe Carrier from a Native Elder Spiritual Shaman in 2010 and ascending to a Ceremonialist, healer and Mentoring Elder in his own right.

Actively learning and practicing the Path for 20 years in Inter-Tribal Circles, Holistic Cirlces and Spiritual Medicine, Brother Granite considers it a blessing to have been passed so much wisdom. Brother Granite is a Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. He can be found at events throughout New England, The Robin’s Nest and regularly at the Enchanted Forest in Taunton, MA.