7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Turn on your laptop, grab a cup of tea, and plugin remotely for a lively conversation on death! This event is a free-flowing discussion on topics related to death and confronting your mortality through the lens of modern witches and death workers. This event will be peppered with information and guidance from  Elsa Elliott, of the Temple of Witchcraft’s Scorpio Ministry, to help navigate questions, emotions, challenges, and death readiness.
Cost is $5 to attend and open to all we can accommodate.
Please register through this link: MORTAL MUSINGS REGISTRATION
Hosted through Zoom Video Conferencing. It is best to login from a computer with access to video, speakers, and a microphone. An email will be sent out prior to the start of the group with login information. Please note this is not a bereavement group.

Registration for this event is available through our friends at the Temple of Witchcraft : https://templeofwitchcraft.org/calendar/

Things have shifted here at the Death Cafe at the Robin’s Nest. We held our first Death Cafe at The Robin’s Nest on an incredibly cold night in February of 2016. We have had about four wonderful discussions a year since then. These discussions are an important part of our work at the Temple of Witchcraft Scorpio Ministry and we wanted to be able to acknowledge and own that we are doing this work. Death Cafe is meant to be an open discussion on death, free from organizational ties including religious organizations. Therefore, we have not openly acknowledged our connection with the Temple. Based on the growing interest and desire to bring in resources, knowledge, and aspects of spirituality around death, we’ve decided to shift into a new format that allows this kind of sharing. The new name of this event is Mortal Musings: Discussions about Death and the facebook page has changed its name to “Mortal Musing: Discussions about Death” (Formerly Death Cafe at the Robin’s Nest).
During this uncertain time, our events will be held online via video conferring software.   We will share all events here regardless of physical location so you can join us if you are so inclined.
In addition, we will use the page to share resources regarding death positive ongoings and opportunities those involved may find of interest.
We look forward to lively and deep conversations about death with you all. Much Love!
Elsa Elliott
Lead  Minister of the Scorpio Ministry
Temple of Witchcraft