7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


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The Robin's Nest
799 S. Main St. Suite 9, Bellingham, MA, 01453

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Journey to the Soul – Atma Kriya Course!

Four Evening Classes from 7-9:30pm
Tuesday, April 23
Tuesday, April 30
Tuesday, May 7
Tuesday, May 14

Cost of the course: $250 – SPACE IS LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS

Atma Kriya is an ancient and powerful series of meditation techniques that can help you connect with the Divinity within. By working with your own Divine energy, this beautiful, sacred process takes you on the ultimate inward journey to your Atma, which Sanskrit for Soul. It helps you to experience the deep truth within – that ultimately all is One and Love is the true force that binds humanity.

Atma Kriya can free you to truly be yourself, to be more creative and confident, to feel more love for others, to experience a state of permanent inner peace, and to obtain deep inner transformation. Atma Kriya helps to cleanse your mind, body and soul so that you can bring your true self and your soul purpose to the world.

There are a variety of techniques taught in the course:

Mantras and Chanting
Moving energy consciously
Asanas – body positions
Pranayamas – energetic breath
Body and hand Mudras – Movement
OM Healing
Atma Kriya Initiation (Attunement)

An Atma Kriya instruction manual and notebook are included with the class. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring something to drink and a snack. Yoga mats are suggested but not mandatory.


Bookings are closed for this event.