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Thank you for joining us for our VIRTUAL option for Journey To the Shadow Goddesses: A Musical Ritual

Join Emmy-nominated musician Jenna Greene on a guided musical journey into the realms of the Shadow Goddesses. This mystical meditation weaves together original songs, powerful archetypes, and thought-provoking words to deepen your connection with the darker parts of yourself. This connection is often called “shadow work.” Jenna perceives shadow work as both introspection and action regarding fears, blockages, harmful patterns and habits, setting boundaries, and protecting your energy.

Known for her uplifting songs and workshops on positive affirmations, you may be surprised to see Jenna presenting on the subject of shadow work. She writes, “If you’ve met me, you know that I am wild about mantras and positive psychology.  But, there’s much more to healing on all levels.  I spent so many years focused on lightwork and affirmations that, when I came to a dark time in my life, I threw false positivity at it.  Traumatic events soon followed and my own patterns kept me from breaking free. While at The Morrigan’s Call retreat several years ago, I encountered the stories, symbols, and strength of the goddess Badb, who is an aspect of the Morrigan. This event began my passion for shadow work. I went on to study the dark goddesses Kali, Hela, and Hekate.  I began to experience “lighter” goddesses, like Frigga, on a deeper, darker level.  Through this work, I created songs, meditations, and daily rituals. I learned deep lessons on facing fears.  This event – part guided meditation, part musical, part ritual – is an introduction to that journey. I’ve created this musical in a way where each participant gets to be the star and make this their very own empowering story.”

What to bring:
A pen and notebook
A dark goddess item to charge on the altar (ex: crystal skull, owl or raven charm, key)

Jenna’s website: www.greeneladymusic.com
Please consider becoming a patron at:  www.patreon.com/jennagreene


Bookings are closed for this event.