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Private Past life Regression Hypnosis Sessions : With Adam Sartwell Certified Consulting Hypnotist with NGH and ICBCH 

We have been here multiple times because our souls are immortal. Each of these lives had experiences, patterns, karma, talents, and much more. In this one on one past life session we will explore a past life or focus in on a current problem that may be caused by a past life. We will use powerful hypnotic techniques to let you experience these lives and describe them out loud so we can record perceptions for later perusal in an emailed mp3. We will use this past life regression to learn the lessons of this life and correct the problems that may come from it.

Some of the ways Past life Regression can benefit you are:

  • Healing current life health issues caused by past life injuries.
  • Relief from fears, phobias, and traumas caused by past lives
  • Unlocking the reasoning behind current life issues.
  • Finding past life talents you might like to explore.
  • Making breakthroughs and gaining insight
  • Exploring the transcendent soul
  • Have the fun of experiencing another life in another time.

In these 45 min sessions you will relax into hypnosis where you can move back to experience past lives. These sessions are recorded for you as an mp3 and will be sent to you after the session so you can review any information you may have experienced.

Sessions are $150 and must be paid at time of booking. Please call 508-244-4881 to reserve your session.

Adam Sartwell is a Consulting Hypnotist with certifications from both The National Guild of Hypnotists and International Certification Board Of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

He is the proprietor of Intuitive Hypnosis LLC with an office in Bedford NH.