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Join High Priestess Alix Wright via Zoom conferencing from the Temple of Witchcraft as we journey through the year connecting with different Gods and Goddesses through ritual.

Come with an open heart and all are welcome. No experience is necessary.

The Power of Lilith with Alix Wright * An ONLINE Event!
We are born into this world as women. As life givers, healers, nurturers, and warriors, yet our power is so easily given and taken away. The strength of the goddess shows us how to regain that power over our own lives. It is our sacred duty to do the work we came into this life to do as whole and healthy souls and the sooner we become healthy, the sooner we can weave our own strand in the fabric of the universe.
Lilith holds the energy of a woman who refused to compromise who she was at her core. She refused to be made to feel less than, or behave less, than a man in order for him to feel powerful. When threatened with ejection from the garden of eden, expulsion from paradise, if she did not submit, she still held tight to who she was and what she was. The path from the garden was not an easy one and she traveled it alone.
How strong her belief in her inner light must have been in order to bear that hardship.
That same light is within all women. The same strength that she found to persevere to overcome any hardship, to overcome loss, loneliness, fear and emptiness is a strength that we have within. Come and embrace your light that you may shine brighter. This ritual is not for women alone, but also for men who wish to embrace their feminine power and honor the women in their lives.

About Alix: https://templeofwitchcraft.org/alix-wright-hps/


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