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Baneful Flower Essences
October 20, 2020
7pm – 9:30 PM $30
The Robin’s Nest
799 S. Main St #9 Bellingham, MA 02019
All flowers have a healing vibration, and the poisonous plants are in particular considered power plants, used to transform, renew, and heal on deep levels of consciousness. Due to their danger, they are associated with a lot of mysterious folklore and misinformation. Restore these plant allies to their rightful place as sacred medicines and learn how to work with them safely as vibrational remedies. In both healing and initiation, one must face the darkness before seeing the light, and the baneful flower help us face our shadows and find the spirit within. They help restore our connection to the Earth, mortality, intuition, sexuality, spiritual contact, protection, draw boundaries and the awareness that dwells within our true heart.


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