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The Robin's Nest
799 S Main St #9 , Bellingham , ma , 02019

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Anatomy of the Natal Chart: an Introduction to Astrology

The natal chart is a celestial snapshot of the moment of a person’s birth and is the foundation of personal astrology. The natal chart provides insight into a person’s identity, relationships, vocation and much more. This workshop will dissect the natal chart into its basic components. We will introduce the meanings of the planets, zodiac signs, and astrological houses and how they work together to illuminate preferences, strengths, and challenges in a person’s life. Students will learn the tools to move beyond their Sun sign into a richer understanding of their natal chart. This workshop is appropriate for students completely new to astrology, as well as for students looking for a refresher on the natal chart.

Katie and Derek have each been studying astrology for more than 3 years and practice a blend of Hellenistic and modern Western astrology. Katie is a 3rd-year student in Astrology University and Derek is a 2nd-year student in Austin Coppock’s Fundamentals of Astrology program. In addition to their formal astrological training, both have attended numerous astrology lectures, webinars, and conferences.




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