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Black Tourmaline: Protective stone; repeals and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. Aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or a space. Cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.
Moonstone: Stone for new beginnings and inner growth / strength. Soothes emotional instability and stress; stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. Enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. A goddess stone of the moon. All stones / crystals are a natural product of Mother Earth and will vary in size and color. This listing is for one stone. Blue Onyx: Enhances steadfastness & determination, setting one’s mind to a task. It is a grounding stone, valuable in difficult or confusing times in our lives. Helpful to the process of letting go or releasing the past attachments to people, places & things.

Green Aventurine: All-around healing stone; benefits the lungs, liver, sinuses & heart. Loosens & releases negativity, energy blocks. Increases intelligence, perception, creativity. Strong abundance stone for good luck, money, joy, balance & clarity.

Amethyst: Love, Money & Friendship. Alleviates Sadness / Grief. Dissolves negativity. Enhances intuition, psychic abilities. Healing/ cleansing ability helps with physical ailments, emotional issues / Chakra Balancing.

Clear Quartz: “Master Healing” and will amplify energy and thought as well as the effect of other crystals. Harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.

Rose Quartz: Universal love. Restores trust / harmony in relationships encouraging unconditional love. Purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

Sunstone: A bright, positive energy that aligns your mind, body and spirit with its high vibrations. Brings passion, excitement and creativity back into your life when you feel out of touch with those feelings. Reminds one that life is meant for living and enjoying.


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Black Tourmaline, Moonstone, Blue Onyx, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Sunstone