Through the Fires / Percus


In this work unearthed from the 1980s, author Lou Percus offers a complete book on “the Old Religion” as a spiritual and magickal path for gay men, written by a gay man. Through the Fires also provides insights into the interactions between Witchcraft, paganism, and sexual identity from the early days of widespread American publishing about Witchcraft. A groundbreaking work for its time, it now offers us a perspective on what might have been, but for the author’s passing.

In its pages, you will find a complete and unique expression of Witchcraft, drawing upon traditional elements, but in their own particular configuration. From information about a complete pantheon of gods to the witch’s tools, spirutality versus religion, myth and ritual cycles, rites of passage, spell-work, and more, all with inclusion of and a specific focus on the needs of gay men.

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