Handcrafted Goddess Dolls


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Handcrafted by Sacred Grove Creations : Designs by Robbi Packard, each Goddess Doll has been created to inspire your magick!  Filled with 13 Organic Herbs and 3 Stones, you can charge, dress and charm this doll for a specific intention.

Witch Tip: Paint or draw additional symbols / sigils or charms on your doll for a specific purpose!

If you would like a Goddess Doll made with a specific fabric, please email Robbi at therobinsnestma@gmail.com to inquire.


  • Moonstone: Crown, Moon Connection, Intuition
  • Prehnite: Heart, Unconditional love, peace, protection
  • Garnet: Root, Love, devotion


  1. Mugwort : Dreams, psychic power, visioning
  2. Wormwood : Dreams, psychic power
  3. Cinnamon : Prosperity, healing, psychic power
  4. Orris Root : Success, dreamwork, shadow work
  5. Vervain : Protection, love, prosperity
  6. Lemon Balm : Healing, success, love
  7. Rose : Love, friendship, protection
  8. Tansy : Longevity, Spirit work, ancestral veneration
  9. Rue : Protection, prosperity, psychic power
  10. Thyme : Purification, abundance, courage
  11. Rosemary : Blessing, healing, purification
  12. Patchouli : Prosperity, fertility, abundance
  13. Lavender : Peace, protection, healing

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Muslin, Purple Rose, Black Bird, Black Swirl, Flame