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Jenn H.

This is a welcoming and warm place to experience an open minded group of loving individuals. Come with your own creativity.

Robbi Packard

The Robins’ Nest is an incredible community of individuals that have come together out of love to provide a nurturing and giving enviornment for each member to grow and learn their own spiritual path. This place could not be possible if it weren’t for the individual contributions of ever single, beautiful spirit of light! Each person has their own particular gift and it’s incredible to see each person take a vested interest in their community to help it grow! This is about coming together, about giving, about nurturing, about making a difference in the lives of others… and in turn, you will make the biggest difference in your own life.

Judy M.

Come on down! It can only do you good!

Dianne S.

This group is a very welcoming group. If ound wht i was looking for spiritually. I am so happy my family can participate in activities too!

Liz C.

I love The Robins’ Nest, being there with my second family and making new friends and experiencing life in a different light. Thank you for being a “hub” for people of the polytheistic faiths. It’s been amazing and I love all of you 🙂

Lynn M.

The Robn’s Nest is continuously growing in so many different and wonderful directions. I love that it welcomes “anyone and everyone”… from all walks and callings… What a nice place to relax, reflect and re-energize…

Mary C.

I love the Robin’s Nest

Linda C.

Love the energy of the place, the people (Robin, etc.) and all the cool stuf. AND… what an incredible concept to bring like minded people together. We may not all be on the same path but it is the same journey back home and it is wonderful to get to meet more people sharing a similar path on the journey. We’ll be back soon.

Orlando C.

Absolutely fantastic format for meeting others of like mind and even of similar like mind.

Shane Robinson

This is a beautiful place built on a special spon on the earth. Where Magic has been pouring out of this earth since the dawn of time waiting for someone of something to facilitate, and use its magic for good. That’s where the Robin’s Nest came in place. Changing lives and taking names later 🙂 The pure beautiful magic that happens here is always noticed and is welcoming. This place is protected by the oldest most powerful magic of all… LOVE. Simple but very complicated and love will grow forever. And so hall this very special place of magic. There are all sorts of intuitive councilings, and just fun magical happenings here! All my best wishes to this little, big shop of blessings.

Robert G.

Love it!

Amanda H.

It’s a wonderful place, peaceful and full of love.


Well I drive 5 hours to get there, so I think that speaks for itself!


Warm & Welcoming people.

Sage “Crystal Singer”

I love the Nest. I love the Nest. IIIIII LLLoovvee the Nest.

Sage “Crystal Singer”

I love the Nest. I love the Nest. IIIIII LLLoovvee the Nest.

Melissa M.

The Robin’s Nest offers so much to any and all that enter their doors.

Alyssa W.

The Nest has helped me find my spirit within.


Robbi’s spiritual leadership in meditation has taken me through stages I have been incapable of achieving on my own or with others. She creates an atmosphere where one is able to feel safe and let go.


Lots of classes, something for everyone. Wonderful gift shop…


The best place to go to learn, shop or even just hang out! Robbi makes you feel like one of the family and right at home.


I love the Robin’s Nest! The community Robbi has built is so warm and amazing. I tell everyone I know about the shop and it’s classes. They have just what I’m looking for or can get it for me.

Heather E.

Awesome, inspiring, a comfortable place to be.

Paula S.

Love it!

Julie T.

Love the Nest, Robbi, Cheryl and others always make it feel like you are home!

Connie D.

Great Store! If you haven’t been, you need to get there!

Kathy F.

The Robin’s Nest is a gem of a shop. Always something new. Everyone is always very friendly. Robbi remembers your name and makes you feel right at home.


Great group of people to be with and around.


I thought it was a very pretty place. Very relaxed and calm.


The Robin’s Nest is my home away from home


friendly & welcoming

Rev. Sam McCartin

Everyone should check this place out!

Katherine L.

I can think of no place I’d rather spend my free time. It is welcoming, educational and they always have a schedule full of activities.

Tamiko P.



I love going into The Robins’ Nest it carries such warm vibrations and you will not meet a nicer curator than Robbi Packard! She is extremely helpful, warm and always has a smile ready to share. Everyone is friendly and welcoming – Great Place!